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How to get rid of your old tech gadgets


Those old gadgets that you paid a lot of money for? They’re useless and you should get rid of them. Here’s how.

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Giving Care

Just when you thought you were out, they're pulling you back in.

Taking Care

If you're not in good shape, nothing else will be.

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The Midlife Gals explain it all for you


They live in Hawaii now, but they’re still funny. Check. Them. Out.

Sisterhood is still powerful. Ooh is it powerful.


by Maggie Cushman

When I picked up my two teenage daughters from school today, I mentioned an article I’d read in the New York Times about a study which found that adolescents who have sisters are less likely to feel “I am unhappy, sad or depressed,” or “I feel like no one loves me.”

Your bones: A user’s manual


We all spend a lot of time worrying about skin and hair as we age, but if you’re over 40, it’s also time to think about those bones. The quality of your next half-life will …

DIY-TV: how to ditch your Dish


Don’t get Mr. Fiftyshift started on the topic of television. For decades we had a  20 foot antenna that kept us in good stead. High in the western Massachusetts hills, we were able to pull …

The FiftyShifter gets dressed


Expert Mary Lou Andre explains what to wear and how to wear it.

Time to choose your backyard chickens


By B.J. Roche
We have had a small flock of chickens for several years now, and if I had known that the hobby would become so popular, I would have figured out a way to make …

Elder care and elder rage: Know the warning signs of Alzheimer’s


by Jacqueline Marcell
For 11 years, I pleaded with my stubborn elderly father to allow a caregiver to help him with my ailing mother. But after 55 years of marriage, he adamantly insisted on taking care …

Help? I Don’t Need Help…


By Helene J. Powers
Why is it so hard for us to accept help? Or to offer it in a way that is well-received?
Those questions resonated powerfully during a recent Friends Indeedreading and discussion hosted by the Deacons of the First …

Caring for the brain injured


UMass Journalism student Zach Gauvin has a tale to tell. He was injured in a car accident a few years ago, and lay in a coma for several weeks before beginning his long rehabilitation.
He’s now …

The Caregiving Conundrum


By Helene J. Powers 

When I started blogging about caregiving, I had no idea how many more friends, acquaintances and family members would become caregivers, or need care for serious health issues themselves, during the past 12 months.
The number …

Heading to London? Try a little beach combing


Beachcombing on the Thames: a Backdoor into London’s History
By B.J. Roche
The thing about traveling in your late forties and fifties is that you may have been fortunate enough to have gone a lot of places …